Tuckshop Music is a creative community of friends passionate about the soundtrack of life.

Started in 2013, it’s always been about the music we love.

Since our humble origins in an East London basement, we’ve aimed to curate diverse line ups, seeking to shine a light on the many strands of music that inspire us.

Never choosing to focus on any particular genre, Tuckshop has always gone against the mould, seeking out and experimenting with new formulas. Over the past 7 years we have been lucky to work with some of our favourite DJs, producers, festivals and venues and continue to search for and showcase new music.

Whilst predominantly stationed in London, we have hosted events in Brighton, Leeds, Bristol, Croatia, Portugal and Ghana.

With a diverse music policy and multitude of inspirations, we’ll be making noise for the music we respect through positive collaborations, events, our label (forthcoming) and our shiny new site!

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