Addison Groove returns to Bristol’s GutterFunk with Fred Neutron LP

Tony Williams needs no introduction. His contributions to the UK’s electronic dance-floor as both Headhunter and Addison Groove are unquestionable. A producer who’s already cemented his reputation for pushing boundaries and mixing a plethora of genres into his sound. His discography rallies through juke, dubstep, footwork, jungle, acid, and bass, all intwined with his own unique touch.

From collaborations with footwork pioneer DJ Rashad, to bass and jungle mashups with Sam Binga and DJ Die, AG has produced some of the UK’s most forward-thinking underground sounds. He returns with another sublime 10-track LP on DJ Die‘s GutterFunk.

Kicking off proceedings is ‘Burning Spear’ a clear nod to the soundsystem culture inherent in Bristol’s musical landscape. The familiar vocal chops on ‘Brand New Drop’ are distinctly AG in style and reminiscent of his Transistor Rhythm LP. Never one to be bound by tempo, ‘Laguna’ offers a dreamy cry of being “set free” and is neatly accompanied by restrained drum breaks.

A master of mixing the rough with the smooth, tracks such as ‘n(y)o͞oträn’ and ‘Bass Trips’ provide further evidence of Addison Groove‘s boundary-pushing credentials. As expected, he’s provided a unique blend of sonic unusualities for your listening pleasure.


1. Burning Spear
2. Brand New Drop
3. Bass Trips
4. TeknoJuke
5. Dreamscape 12
6. Laguna
7. n(y)o͞oträn
8. Rele Dawomey ft. Chouk Bwa
9. Out Of Nowhere
10. Cider Was Stronger Than The Weed

Head in this direction to bag a copy of the LP and keep up to date via @addisongroove.