‘Liquid Portraits’ is the third studio album from the mighty Clap! Clap!, set for release on June 12th via Black Acre

The weird, wonderful and explorative sounds of Italian producer Clap! Clap! are always a treat for the senses. ‘Liquid Portraits’ continues the trajectory of fusing together disparate elements to create a sonic and rhythmic blend of something wholly unique.

Developing a new approach for the production process, Clap! Clap!’s creative focus shifts from sampling and composition towards a finely tuned balance between analogue and digital outputs. Having re-kitted his studio and acquired a new set of tools, the fruits of his labour are warmly received.

Clap! Clap! – Moving On (ft. Martha Da’ro)

With 12 tracks to explore, Clap! Clap!’s mindfully eclectic style shines throughout. Accompanied by some hypnotic visuals, the groove and tone of ‘Moving On (ft. Martha Da’ro)’ leave the tempo and possibilities of the track nicely open for interpretation. Tunes such as ‘Mandragora’ employ what sounds like an oud or a bağlama (although I am no expert!), teamed up with high energy drum patterns and all the perfectly placed twists and turns you could hope to expect.

Clap! Clap! – Mandragora

Clap! Clap!’s title track ‘Liquid Portraits (ft. Piero Spitilli)’ initially invoked some pleasant memories of listening to Kid Koala as a young one. Playful experimentation creates a mood reminiscent of the good old Trip-Hop days and leaves you wishing the track was at least twice as long! A journey in it’s truest sense, the album reflects voyages, travels and the people met along the way. From Italy, via Japan and Morocco, ‘Liquid Portraits’ is a sonic painting that captures memories, emotions and reflections.

Clap! Clap! – Liquid Portairs (ft. Piero Spitilli)

Helped by a small cast of close collaborators – harpist Kety Fusco, singer Martha Da’ro, percussionist Domenico Candellori, and bassist Piero Spitilli all contributed to the project and rightfully deserve a nod for their input!

As a limited run of 300 copies accompanied with some amiable artwork, head to Bandcamp or directly over to Black Acre Records to pre-order a copy ASAP. These won’t be about for long!

Clap! Clap! – ‘Liquid Portraits’ [ACRELP015] released 12th June 2020

  1. Desert Stone
  2. Liquid Mantra
  3. Hokkaido’s Farewell Portrait
  4. Southern Dub (feat. Domenico Candellori)
  5. Kif in the Rif
  6. Mandragora
  7. Moving On (feat. Martha Da’ro)
  8. Rising Fire (feat. Kety Fusco)
  9. Quietude
  10. Tostoini
  11. Blue Flower
  12. Liquid Portraits (feat. Piero Spitilli)

Album artwork by RUFFMERCY