DJ Vadim ‘Lost & Found’ Volume 1 is a present from past containing previously unreleased tracks dating back from 2000-2015.

Having grown up listening to DJ Vadim with albums such as ‘Life From The Other Side’ and The Art of Listening’ – ‘Lost & Found’ harks straight back to a fond era of personal musical discovery. In his own words…

“these aren’t throwaway tracks or some B side quality…They didn’t make it to albums because at the time they were not finished, or there was clearance issues or just simply the album took a different turn.”

DJ Vadim is undoubtedly a man with enough productions to fill every hardrive in your house and then some… With at least 15 albums to his name, it’s clear he eats, sleeps and breaths music. ‘Lost & Found’ Volume 1 documents the evolution and development of the Daddy Vad sound offering 10 sizzling tracks produced over the last 20 years.

DJ Vadim – Street Art  (feat. Abstract Rude, Jroz One)

As a master of his craft, DJ Vadim has an endless flow of hip-hop, trip-hop, reggae and dancehall blends that provide the pulse for an extensive selection of toasters and MC’s. Tracks such as ‘Street Art’ are reminiscent of ‘The Soundcatcher’ (2007)  album, where as ‘Cleanliness ft. YT’  is a ragga number that missed the deadline for The Dubcatcher’ (2014). ‘Didn’t Cha Know’  is a tidy Badu flip originally produced by Dilla that’s been given the re-Vad and all styles and flavours are represented.

DJ Vadim – Breath Slow (ft. Katrina Blackstone, Syross & Govenor Tiggy)

Driven by love and passion, he’s one of the most humble and down-to-earth gents to ever do it. ‘Lost & Found’ follows ‘Flashback’ on Vadim’s own Mama Do It! label and promoting it as an independent artist, he is well and truly keeping the fire burning. Head in this direction for the digital download, hopefully more soon to follow and a vinyl release may be on it’s way too – so eyes peeled!

DJ Vadim – ‘Lost & Found’ Volume 1 [Mama Do It!] released June 26th 2020

  1. What Are U Waiting For? ft. Sena Dagadu and Emo
  2. Didn’t Cha Know ft. Maddy, Add2, Qwazaar, West Restless & Pugs Atomz
  3. Sundown ft. Comso
  4. Paramount ft. Ta’raach
  5. Feed Our Soul ft. Katrina Blackstone, Blu Nyle
  6. War ft. Iriscience
  7. Street Art ft. Abstract Rude, Jroz One & Mr. Thing
  8. Cleanlisness ft YT
  9. Live In Love ft. Ramon Judah
  10. Breathe Slow ft. Katrina Blackstone, Syross & Govenor Tiggy