‘Note To Self’ Jah9’s latest album via VP Records

Jah9 has a habit for delivering organic, conscious and elevated music and her third studio album ‘Note To Self’ is no exception. Rooted in a search for equilibrium, self-awareness and discovery, it easily deserves the attention of an old skool start-to-finish listening session.

The album is a 15 track exploration featuring words of wisdom and powerful reflections alongside collaborations with Tarrus Riley, Chronixx, Akala and Pressure Busspipe. Triumphant and prophetic in delivery, it’s a tidy demonstration of the ease in which Jah9 can lend her vocal talents to an eclectic array of styles.

The entire project was co-produced by Jah9 with the skills of Clive Hunt (Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder, Peter Tosh), Jeremy Harding (Sean Paul) & others assisting in the creative process, lending to it’s genre blurring credentials. Roots, hip-hop, neo-soul, spoken word and what has been called ‘jazz on dub’ are all finely represented.

Traversing all boundaries of what it means to bring a vibe, ‘Could It Be’ sees Jah9 effortlessly display her fluidity over a neo-soul beat held together by sweetly soulful backing harmony’s. ‘Field Trip’ shows a thoughtful display of energy with a drum pattern that wouldn’t be out of place on one of your favourite afrobeat tracks and the title track, which features Chronixx, reigns things in nicely in a hazy and agreeable fashion.

Tracks such as ‘Ma’at (Each Man)’ and Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)’ feature powerful renditions of punchy production and a discussions of balance and harmony. New Race (A Way)’ and ‘Ready To Play’ see Akala and Tarrus Riley share space with Jah9 and cooly display her versatility as a vocalist.  Basically, there is a load of goodness well worth checking out.

Ever insightful, Jah9 offers a 13 minute documentary / cinematic experience that explores the core themes of the album.  In her own words, “‘The Note To Self’ documentary gives context to the album which I do my best to share myself in this state of consistent inventory management. These themes and transitions are visited on the songs throughout the album, and then revisited in narrative form through this documentary. Together they present a summary of my latest effort, a self thesis.”

Head over to jah9.com for more info and other assortments of soul food too!

Jah9 – Note To Self [VP Records] 13th March 2020