Billy Shields aka Jehst drops ‘Wild Herbs’ on his YNR Productions label.

Anyone else miss this drop……? Yeh, we did too!

If there was a UK Hip-Hop hall of fame, Jehst would have the keys. ‘Wild Herbs’ is his first release since 2017s ‘Billy Green Is Dead’ album and continues the trajectory of effortless word-play, relatable lyrics and perfectly placed production.

Ever the smokers choice, ‘Wild Herbs‘ comes 21 years after the release of his ‘Premonitions EP’ which kicked things off for his YNR (Young N Restless) Productions label back in 1999.

With additional production credits going to Beat Butcha, the G-Funk-esque backing combined with Jehst’s stong pen game and hazy flow, neatly float you off in a fashion that only Jehst knows how to induce!