Bristol’s K-Lone will release his debut album ‘Cape Cira’ on Wisdom Teeth on April 24th.

The eight-track record reveals a slightly new direction to his usual bass heavy, dance-floor focused tracks. Citing British winter as the influence, this new trajectory explores “escapism, lush and transportive power”.

“Cape Cira takes place in a sensuous sonic world between the natural and digital realms: FM synthesisers mimic acoustic instruments, tuned percussion and bird song; and found sounds and field recordings are processed with a hyperreal sheen.”

Pre-order and listen to the first single ‘Yelli’ here:


1. Yelli
2. Cocoa
3. Palmas
4. Honey
5. Cape Cira
6. Bluefin
7. In The Pines
8. Happened
Listen to/buy K-Lone’s debut LP Cape Cira via Bandcamp here.