IG Culture and the “Likwid Continual Space Motion” (LCSM) project gifts us with ‘Earthbound’, a full length theatre soundtrack album.

IG Culture serves as a longtime titan of jazzed-out broken beats, with a hulking discography stretching back to the early 90s. Ever the pillar of innovation and forward thinking music that is built to make you move and groove, “LCSM”  is a project written, produced and conceived by the man himself. The first full body of work comes in the form of Earthbound.‘ 

‘Earthbound‘ and the “LCSM” venture display futuristic jazz-fusion with an historical twist. An audible interpretation of  Zecharia Sitchin‘s translation of ancient Sumerian texts, ‘Earthbound’ is drenched with cosmic energy and interstellar imagery. With recording sessions taking place at London’s Total Refreshment Centre,  it is a beautifully crafted blend of live instrumentation and post-production (supplemented by Alex Phountzi).

LCSM – Bubbler feat. Oliver Night & Natalie May

‘Earthbound’ occupys a space at the crossroads between funk, soul and space-age jazz, whilst maintaining IG Culture’s signature ‘bruk feel’. Plentiful in scope and style, the context of the music is neatly relayed through track titles, other worldly synth work, and arrangement from the fourth dimension.

LCSM – Alien Sphere feat. Natalie May

As a stand alone body of work ‘Earthbound’ is mighty impressive. With enough running time to loose and find yourself again, it offers a unique listening experience that travels freely, but with a clear sense of purpose. Released via Amsterdam’s Super-Sonic Jazz Records (who are well worth checking out by the way!), head over to LCSM” on Bandcamp for the digital download. The LP is also available as 3 x 12″, head to your favourite online vinyl vendor, but be quick, and good luck!

 Likwid Continual Space Motion – ‘Earthbound’ [SSJ09LP] released 15th June 2020

Written, Produced and Conceived by IG Cuture

Drums – Edward ‘Nache’ Hick, Benjamin Appiah
Bass – Luke Wynter
Guitar – Alex Phountzi
Saxophone – Wayne ‘Ahnansé’ Francis
Trombone – Nathaniel Cross
Percussion – Adé Egun ‘Spry’ Crispin Robinson, Vanessa Rani Chutturghoon, IG Culture
Keys – Dwayne ‘Wonky Logic Kilvington, Fred Humain ‘Neue Grafik’ Salle, IG Culture, Wayne ‘Ahnansé’ Francis
Vocals – Natalie May, Wayne ‘Ahnansé’ Francis, Oliver Night, Demelza Toy Toy