For The Love EP – ‘Live Ones’ head honcho Lorca’s latest offering

With a back catalogue that has won support ranging from Pete Tong to Bonobo and a decade of releases under his belt on labels such as Church, Naked Naked and 20/20 Midnight Visions, it’s fair to say Lorca is both a master of his craft and one of the unsung hero’s of dance music.

After a 6-year hiatus, 2017 saw the resurrection of Lorca’s Live Ones imprint. Since then, the DJ / producer and now label operator, has gifted the world with a steady flow of anthemic, melodic and dance floor-ready cuts.

The latest EP, ‘For The Love’ features five tracks from five different artists and demonstrates exactly what a top-shelf V/A 12″ should sound like. As one of the most hardworking and humble gentleman on the circuit, we thought it wise to learn a little more.

For The Love EP the latest release on Lorca’s imprint Live Ones

Lorca Talks ‘Live Ones’

Right, before we get into it – some say music producers are expert at hiding away indoors, how have you been keeping yourself busy during life in lockdown? 

It’s definitely been good for making music. I’ve been learning some new plug-ins and soft synths and have really been getting into it, so it’s given me a bit of a push. It can be difficult to find the hours when working full-time but obviously we’ve all been at home at lot more.

I moved back to Brighton recently and am doing some freelance bits. I’m not working as much as before so I’ve have got half the day to make music, it’s been nice getting back in the studio.

What was it that inspired you to get a pair of decks and start producing music?

I was probably about 17, my mates started getting into DnB and I was at college doing a music tech BTEC in London learning synthesis. I started messing around making some drum and bass tracks and then just got into it from there. My friend Kieran – who went on to start ‘The Ransome Note’ with others – was super on it from a young age, he was buying tons of vinyl, all dubstep. The first time I went ‘out’ was to see Skream, Benga and Coki. I was right at the front the whole night and just thought “this sound is absolutely crazy,” it blew my mind! This must have been around 2007.

The first set up I owned was a pair of Denon DN-S1200 CDJs and a Technics Sh-1200 mixer. I moved to Brighton in 2010, got some 1210s and started mixing at house parties to begin with. I then managed to get myself a residency with local promoters AKA AKA Roar.

What are your go-to tools in the studio and has your method of work changed over the years?

I always use Cubase as my DAW but my other gear has changed over the years. I’ve always bought bits and sold bits. I like to switch it up. I find new equipment can give added inspiration… the Prophet 08 and Korg Minilog were fun though!  My go to plug-ins are the Waves and Soundtoys collections, I also use Battery and lots of Arturia’s Analogue Lab which sound amazing.

It use to take me ages to finish tracks. I’d get trapped in the computer messing around with plug-ins and kick drums and stuff, spend time perfecting ideas that were never that great in the first place. I try not to overthink things anymore, I get ideas down quickly and come back later to do all the tweaking, but it’s still a challenge!

Lorca’s first release on Live Ones ‘Moments’ from 2011, still sounding fresh today.

Give us a quick run down of Live Ones. What made you decide to bring the label back?

My friend Liam and I – who I still run the label with now – started it back in 2011 to put out my track ‘Moments.’ It did well, but we got into doing different things and I started to release a lot on other labels so Live Ones just sat by the wayside really. Then in 2017 I had some tracks ready to go (the Tribute To Eddie EP) and just thought ‘why not put them out myself?’ so decided to rebirth Live Ones. It felt like we had some unfinished business with the label!

How are you finding the A&R side of it? You’ve quickly amassed an international roster! What’s that process been like for you?

Most of the A&R work has been done via Soundcloud really…I haven’t been thinking about whether the artists have released any music before or not, if I’m feeling the music, we’ll get demos and take it from there. I’ve actually only met Sune face-to-face when we had him to play Tola in Peckham. But yeh the guys are from all over, Amsterdam, Sweden, Iceland…It seems a bit of a weird way to run a label…But that’s what 2020 is all about isn’t it?

Title track ‘For The Love’ by Intr0beatz [LIVE005]

‘For The Love’ EP is a various artist offering. What was you reason for this approach?

It took ages to put this one together! Originally, I found a track in a mix by Intr0beatz called ‘For the Love’… I had to find out who it was by so messaged him, it was his and unsigned, so I said I would release it. I’d made a track that I thought was a similar vibe (‘Sirens’), sent them both to Liam, he agreed, so we just thought ‘why not try something different and go for a V/A?’

The ‘Wild Flower’ track came from Leo (Keith Lorraine), he’s a wicked producer and I bumped into him in a record shop. We were chatting and he sent over some demos  and they all worked really well together, so that was just through friends of friends. I’ve released music by the Windows guys before and knew they were sitting on lots of quality stuff. It was meant to be a 4-track release, then Mathew Ferness actually messaged me on Soundcloud with a track and I thought it would be perfect to add to the EP. It took about 6 months in total to put this one together.

What are the future movements of Live Ones looking like?

We’re looking at doing another V/A. We’ve signed one track and are in the process of looking for some more. I’m in the middle of making a Lorca album at the moment too, that’s what I’ve been spending most of my time in quarantine doing…I’m not sure if it will be for the label, we will have to see when it is finished!

Any hints, tips or words of wisdom for anyone thinking about launching their own label?

I’ve seen people starting labels and spending lots of money. It can be really expensive and after a couple releases it can dry up. If you have a P&D deal they can cover a lot of the costs for you…as long as your records sell you should be good. Also, look for a good distributor; some can be better than others. Prime Direct are really great, they do it all quickly and professionally!


A1. Windows – I Wanted To Share My Feelings But You Kept Talking

A2. Lorca – Sirens

B1. Keith Lorraine – Wild Flower

B2. Intr0beatz – For The Love

B3. Mathew Ferness – Dreams

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V/A – For The Love EP [LIVE005] released 13th March 2020, available here.