Following on from Desert Sound Colony’s release, South London label Scenic Route continue to explore a “melancholic and introspective thread” in their latest release from Lunch Money Life.

Described as “tense Jazz – tinged and combative drumming”, LML is very difficult to categorise. No doubt an experimental outfit, LML brings a melting pot of influences, sounds and a unique vision, which allows Immersion Chamber to create a space of its own.

“Lunch Money Life make apocalypse music, impossible to categorise, rich in texture, immersing the listener in a world of disgust and yearning.”

Watch the official ‘Truth Serum’ video:

Previously made up of approximately 10 band members, it is now formed of Stewart Hughes (drums), Sean Keating (guitar), Luke Mills-Pettigrew (bass), Jack Martin (electronics/trombone) an Spencer Martin (electronics/saxophone). Those who attend or follow Church Of Sound, Total Refreshment Centre, Touchings Bass and Tiff Joints will most likely be attuned to these guys and their unique sound. We couldn’t recommend it more.

1. God Complex
2. Lincoln
3. Maddison Lee Outro
4. Superego
5. Crecut
6. Living3000
7. Informant
8. Truth Serum
9. Pharisees

Listen and buy the limited 12” Immersion Chamber vinyl from Bandcamp here.