DJ Vadim  is one of the hardest working producers and DJ’s out there. The fruits of his recent labour have resulted in “Flashback”, a fresh and updated remix album featuring Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Both heavyweights in their own right, these long-time collaborators share a level of  mutual respect and adoration. As a DJ, Vadim has toured and supported Fat Freddy’s Drop extensively and has taken his live hip-hop outfit The Electric on European tours with them too.

Strictly speaking, “Flashback” it’s somewhat of a re-rubbed, reissue of 2012’s Fat Electric Drop EP. The original “DJ Vadim vs Fat Freddy’s Drop”, which saw The Electric’s, Pugz Atoms and Sabira Jade lace their vocal prowess over some of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s most infectious tracks.

After Vad re-discovered them from the vaults, a fresh twist has been put on the original remixes. In addition to some new vocals, classics such as “Cay’s Cray” and “Ernie” have been given the Daddy Vad treatment as well.

An aficionado of both Hip-Hop and Reggae production, Vad set to work and duly delivered the expected results. A release well worth checking out!

DJ Vadim VS Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (2019)

  1. Crays Cray (ft. Pugs Atomz, Can’t Buy Deem & Neak)
  2. Big BW (ft. Pugs Atomz  & Nhylaa)
  3. Ernie (ft. Pugs Atomz, Blvck Spvde & Graziella Affinita)
  4. Flashback (ft. Pugs Atomz & Sabrida Jade)
  5. Wondering Eye (ft. Pugs Atomz & Graziella Affinita)
  6. Midnight Marauders (ft. Pugs Atomz & Graziella Affinita)
  7. Ray Ray (ft. Pugs Atomz)
  8. Pull The Catch (ft. Pugs Atomz & Karen Be)