We asked Sophie Faith what her top six most influential tracks as an artist have been

Sophie Faith is one of London’s hottest exports at the moment. With her infectious stage presence and blues-tinged melodies, her powerful vocal is one that can’t be beat. Her sound mirroring neo-soul stars Lauryn Hill and  iconic jazz imprints like Amy Winehouse, her voice is one of the biggest on the UK scene. Ahead of tonight’s sold-out Open Air Live Session at The Cause, we asked the headline act about six tracks that influenced her most. Global superstars from Australian Nai Palm, front woman of Hiatus Kaiyote features, disco superstar Candi Staton, and breakthrough artist Gaidaa are all amongst those on the list of influences, and a common denominator of the standout female sound can be seen throughout.

Here is ‘Late Nights’ by Sophie Faith:

Track one:

Nai palm – Crossfire/So Into You

I love Nai Palm in Hiatus Kayote but her debut solo album was phenomenal. Her writing and vocal ability always inspires me.


Track two:

Gaidaa – Falling Higher

Gaidaa came and stayed at the warehouse with me a couple years ago and watching her blossom into such an astounding artist has been nothing short of inspirational. Check out her album ‘Overture’. She’s only 19. Insane!


Track three:

Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free

I have vivid memories of my grandparents playing this song in the kitchen growing up. It was also only recorded in one take and as a singer, that to me is an outstanding performance.


Track four:

Ari Lennox – Whipped Cream

I heavily fux with Ari. Maybe I feel some similarities after coming up though hip hop myself but her writing is cheeky and visceral and her melodies are also fire.


Track five:

Amy Winehouse – Take The Box

I had to put her on the list and this song has never failed to deeply resonate with me. ‘Frank’ was and will always be my favourite album of all time. Absolutely timeless and the voice of a generation.


Track six:

Madison McFerrin – No Time To Lose

I’m a fan of the whole family tbh but this song in particular is beautiful from beginning to end. Her voice is pure and the harmonies are so sweet with a sassy undertone of not wanting to wait around for something that doesn’t want you.

Sophie Faith is headlining with Tertia May, and supported by Shunaji and Ms Ray this evening. Doors open at 5pm and as the last night before the curfew, we suggest getting down early to take in the most amount fun. When in Rome as they say.

Written by Scarlett O’Malley