We spoke to Tertia May about the six artists she’s feeling at the moment

Tertia May has been making waves on the UK music scene for a good few years now. Her Colors Studio session nearing 2 millions views, and with the Spotify listens to match, this R&B singers take on current soul music in the UK is refreshing. Tertia’s hip-hop beats and sultry jazz sound compliment each other to make her a solid player in the scene. After selling out The Waiting Room and Omeara over the past couple of years, she’s been across the country gigging at venues and festival’s alike, building up her fanbase and making a name for herself as standout voice amongst the crowd. A songwriter too, there seems to be no limit hers talents. Her last EP release ‘Not From Concentrate’ was released on Twisted Hearts Records and can be found here.

Ahead of tonight’s sold-out Open Air Live Session at The Cause we asked Tertia who she was feeling at the moment music-wise, and her list covered up-and-coming artists like Manik MC to worldwide talent Greentea Peng to her support for this evening, Shunaji.

Here is Tertia May’s Colors Studio session with ‘Monsters In Your Bedroom’:


‘Found out about her music from being on the same bill as her for a show, and I honestly get such raw Erykah Badu vibes from her music. It’s well chill and easy to listen to. Puts a smile on my face innit!’


The Mouse Outfit

‘I’ve known about them for time and I know they’ve been on the scene for ages but to be honest, I just love their new single ‘Sunrise’. They’re my nostalgic listen go to.’



‘Don’t know where this group came from but they’re too fucking lit! Been jamming to them over lock down and every song blows my mind. Their new albums ‘untitled (Black Is)’ and ‘untitled (Rise)’ gives me goosebumps.’



‘Her voice is so sweet. It gives me proper Sunday feels. I found her on Instagram and fell in love with her music and voice. She’s one to whack on when you’re in the bath or cooking a Sunday roast.’


Greentea Peng

‘This chicks voice is magical. She’s got a serious old school vibe. I performed on the same bill as her for boiler room back in 2018 and I remember her saying she wanted to do a Colors Berlin video, and then boom, she did one and now she’s popping off! Her song ‘soulboy’ with P-rallel is a banger.’


Manik MC

Manik has been on scene for time and every time he drops a new record I always fall in love with it. He’s got that London rap/soul/hip hop edge to his music which I love. We’re trying to get into the studio together some time!


Tertia May is headlining alongside Sophie Faith, and supported by Shunaji and Ms Ray this evening. Doors open at 5pm and as the last night before the curfew, we suggest getting down early to make the most of evening, hear some great tunes and engage in the vibe.

Written by Scarlett O’Malley