We’re delighted to have broken beat don WheelUP stepping up next in the Tuckshop Mix Series.

Following on from a string of successful releases on Tru ThoughtsCoOperation Records (Co-Op) and Future Bounce,  Danny Wheeler – the multi-talented artist behind WheelUP  has made quite an impact with his eloquent fusion of broken beat, hip-hop and nu-jazz.

With a diverse musical background as label owner of drums imprint W10 Records, growing up in West London around the likes of Goya MusicIG Culture and Kaidi Tatham – it was only natural WheelUP would gravitate towards the ‘West London Sound’.

WheelUP’s debut album ‘Good Love’ is scheduled for release via Tru Thoughts on April 23rd.  With collaboration always at the heart of the broken beat community – ‘Good Love’ features contributions from pioneer and founder of Bugz in the Attic – Afronaut, as well as Alabamian rapper Brint Story, vocalist Destiny Will and label mate Tiawa.

WheelUP Mix Series

So, you’ve been releasing music in various styles for the best part of 15 years now! What was the inspiration behind WheelUP?

The inspiration for WheelUP is my love and passion for the West London Sound aka Broken Beat, my pal Afronaut, the founder of Bugz In The Attic, Co-oP and Broken Beat coined the name WheelUP and he inspired and encouraged me when I started making Broken Beats.

Having grown up in West London, what are some of your earliest memories of the broken beat sound?

My earliest memories of Bruk are when I got my first studio in the Saga Centre, I shared my room with Seiji and G Force, the Bugz In The Attic members, next door was IG Culture, Kaidi Tatham was always around, Goya Music was next door, so many Broken Beat pioneers were in that place, so I was growing up around in the epicentre of Bruk/ West London Sound (I didn’t know what that meant for my musical education, I just knew they had good vibes).

Later I remember I was on tour in Japan and then went to a record shop and I saw a whole section dedicated to West London Sound, that’s when I realised these guys and girls were building an international movement.

WheelUP- Good Love (feat. Afronaut, Brint Story & Destiny Will)

Your debut album ‘Good Love’ is coming out on Tru Thoughts in April. Can you give us a quick rundown of the project?

‘Good Love’ is my debut WheelUP LP, it is a Broken Beat project which I am passionate about, it’s about spreading positive vibes through music. I am dual heritage British and Zimbabwean so this Bruk sound is continuing my ancestral line through the polyrhythmic patterns. The whole album is about sharing joy and happiness from the intro to the outro of the album.

What were the most enjoyable and the most challenging parts of writing the album?

The challenge in making and then completing a record in 2020 was overcome largely because the Tru Thoughts label kept working throughout and they never stopped working and neither did I. I felt happy to get the legendary Bruk artists to be part of it and understand the concept. I mean, Bembe Segue is a rare artist and so is Afronaut, so for them to bless my first LP is something I am really happy about. To be honest that was a process of joy to make. As soon as I focused on the inward journey, I was able to complete the project without the distraction.

WheelUP – Stay For Long ft. Brint Story

Tru Thoughts are obviously Brighton based, and you have a regular show on 1BTN, have you spent much time down here over the years?

I love Brighton, I love the Tru Thoughts label crew, they are good people with a good ethic. Over the years I used to come to Brighton to play at Drum and Bass raves, I used actually go there as a kid with my family too. I had a girlfriend who lived there one time. So yeah, I hung out in Brighton and it is always a vibes spot for me. I need to come back and hang out soon. Yes, 1BTN is a cool radio station based in Brighton, I have done some shows on the station and it’s always good fun.

And finally…what can you tell us about the first record you ever bought?

In dance music I think the first record I bought was the Dark Stranger on Suburban Base, it was an early Jungle Techno record, I was really young and my friend’s uncle, drove us to a record shop in Islington and said to me and friend to choose any records we wanted!!! Jungle was the subculture in London at the time and that journey set me on the path.

...and the last?

The last record I bought was ‘Broken Bossa’ by Moonstarr!

Nice one man, big up!

Moonstarr – Broken Bossa

Tuckshop Mix Series 010: WheelUP track list

IG Culture / Wanna Know
IG Culture / They Don’t Know
Seiji X Q-Tip / Loose Tips
Agent K / Feed The Cat (BB Boogie Remix)
Reel People feat Tony Momrelle / Star (RP’s club mix)
WheelUP feat. Afronaut, Brint Story and Destiny Will / Good Love
Mark De Clive Lowe X Jill Scott / Golden Money
Ian Friday / Theorema Del Faya
Amy Winehouse (Bugz In The Attic Remix) / In My Bed
New Sector Movements / My History (Dub mix)
WheelUP & Afronaut / Tri-Bruk
Politik / State Of The Mental
Zap Mama feat Bahmadia & Lady Alma (Seiji) / Show Me The Way
WheelUP / Ndebele
Karizma / ICU
Jill Scott / Hate On Me
James Rudie / My Piano
Masters At Work (Jazzanova Remix) / Our Time Is Coming