WheelUP delivers a fresh slice of bruk with the ‘Ndebele’ EP courtesy of the ever reliable Tru Thoughts.

WheelUP’sNdebele’ EP is a bass heavy, beat laden, bruk worthy affair, sewing together key components from broken beat, nu-disco and leftfield house. The results are four stomping tracks brimming with flavour, groove and melodic niceties.

No stranger to a dance floor ready cut, WheelUP is the broken beat moniker of W10 Records head-honcho Danny Wheeler. Having earned his stripes within the world of drum ‘n’ bass, the new direction of his productions show a clear commitment to creativity and the ability to bring a vibe.

WheelUP -Ndebele EP (Tru Thoughts)

Title track ‘Ndebele’ is indicative of the producers West London origins by showcasing a firm workout of the broken beat sound. However, it goes deeper than that as WheelUP states; “Ndebele people were the tribe of my father, originally from Zimbabwe, and part of the Zulu’s. He explained to me, as I am the oldest son, I have a spiritual role to my extended family in the tribe.”

WheelUP – People 

‘Life On Mars’ offers slightly more room to breath, boogie-esque with a determined chug, it’s perfect for early or late and would certainly be a handy tool for controlling the room temperature during your sets. Highly likely to kickstart a party, the uplifting ‘People’ revolves around a simply but effective loop, accompanied by a syncopated drum pattern and naturally innocent vocal cuts. Rounding off the EP is the percussive drum flex of ‘Girl’. Darker in tone and texture, it would sit neatly on top or underneath plenty spanning the 120 spectrum and is relentless in it’s drive forward.

A hot tip for selectors who appreciate the power of a nifty DJ tool, at a mere £2.50 it’s a no-brainer. Head over to WheelUP on Bandcamp or straight to Tru Thoughts for the digital download. Fingers crossed, more soon come!

WheelUP – ‘Ndebele’ EP [TRUDD361] released 18th June 2020